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Nov 5, 2012 5:30pm EST
... washington tour".cannace... dold... inside look. look. 3 3 justin wwll take over the verizon center in just a few will also be on staae.get s this...tay is from maryland inside look at life on the road.. with one of the hottest singers in pop music.the girls &pare screaming..nats:and the cameras are flashing.. natss this issthe fevvr.. that gets on stage at oncerttvenues &pbaby whileethe liihts shine o justin... there'' one man who shares the limeliggt... eeen √°center√° of attention.nats: it's a job that's catapulled . [3]sot johnny depp-we know the roots 38:33-they said you hav - e o try out on the ffrst show.. im like yes, send me and ive been on the road with him ever sinne nts: whht p shout ot we knowwthe dj dot com tay says tey have fun ...but his still a it pxhausttng? sure. but whee he behind he turnttbbee..nats:s - tayloo realizes he's achieved his childhood dreamit just so happens that he's working with a global teen sensatiin..ats: por mmree information aaout tay, vvsit ww know the dj ddt ccm.i'm candace dold and that's yourr lowdown 3 not your usual storage found
Nov 16, 2012 5:30pm EST
meet witt palestinian officials... a piece of art donated to a washington goodwill store... turns out to be an authentic salvador dali.a woman found this originnl, hand-signed and nummered etching while sorting ttroughha pile of items. the ppece -- titled "reflections" shop-goodwill-dot-com.the hundred dollars.ust over 91--- a... roup of young voterrs.. failss.. to get a onkey ...on the ballot.../.ecuador's... presidential elections... happen next ffbruary .../ and... thursday was the last day ... to... register candidates./.. so... a grouu attempted to bring a registration form... for "senor burro" ...or... "mister donkey"...// even though... the donkey got all dressed up....for the event... / he... was turnee away....// one mister donkey... supporter says... the grouu's goal... wassthe ... and... the effective candidate. 3 rives says: it was a.... big 'ol cat cat a man in a cattsuit... causing problems aata gas station....hho he's been harassing employeee. and a new world record.... how cooper... and how long they had to stay inside. 3 --adblib weather tz-- - police are investigatin
Nov 7, 2012 5:30pm EST
in colorado and washington state have legalized the ecreational use regulate the production, possessson, aad distribution of maaijuana for people 1 and older.the washington referendum called for a 25- percent tax rrte imppsed on the prrduct three times::whee &pthe grower sells it to the processor, when he processor sells it to the retailer, and when the retailee sells it tt the customer.the state of oregon had a similar measure on its ballot and it failed. por a complete wrap-uu of thee tteeeeectionngo to ouu website at fox-baltimore-dot-com and po to the hot topicc section. &psome big changes cominig to &penforcemenn system.ra the city's spending board approved a new compann called bbekford to the change provoked ccntroveesy at cctyyhall thhs morning, ut the mayor says the city ultimately got the &ppest deal. was combination &pof scoringgwhichhcaused the company o come out oo top.. 3 top."according to documents included in the nnw bid, the city's photo enforcement system has generated onn hundred forty millioo dollars in fines over the past deccde.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3